Bicycle insurance to cover theft and accidents

Bicycle insurance is becoming an increasingly important purchase for every cyclist these days. Because recently research has shown that almost half a million bicycles are stolen every year in the UK. The need for bicycle insurance is for those who live in city areas where the majority of the bicycle thefts take place.

In this article we talk about the bicycle insurance and why it is important for every cyclist to have bicycle insurance. Bicycles are becoming increasingly popular among the new generation but at the same time it can be dangerous to ride on the road. If by any chance the bicycle gets stalled or damaged, if you have bicycle insurance then the damage can be repaired easily without any hassles.

As we know that cycling is a very good form of exercise and bicycle makes it easy to travel from place to place without having any tension of diesel and petrol. But one thing is very important for every bicycle rider tips and that is cycle insurance for their bicycle. Bicycle insurance is done to cover such things as fire, theft, accidental loss or damage to the insured bicycle. Cycle insurance UK has consultants who help us in getting the right policy for our own personal requirements. Whenever you decide to get a policy you should be sure that you are getting the best policy to suit your budget and your needs.

There are many cheap bicycle insurance policies offered by companies in UK that ensure the best cover with cheaper premium amount and also obtain an excellent cycle insurance quote. Cheap cycle insurance quote almost includes complete risk covers.

bicycle insurance quote pictureCyclists are nowadays more aware of what problems they go threw especially in crowded areas and they aware of how much need there is to have a liability cover, so that if any day the cyclist causes an accident or damage to another vehicle user, the cyclist would be protected against those expenses or third party claims on cyclist. It’s really sad that even bicycles get stalled for little money and only a small percentage of it gets recovered. It’s not safe to share roads with motor vehicles where there are more chances of accidents to happen. In these days of ever-busier roads, damage can easily occur. Yet you may find that cycle insurance covers repairing and damaging expenses also. We cannot stop all this instances from occurring. That’s why having cycle insurance for your bicycle is the best safety plan.

There are two types of plans for the cyclist involved in competitions or just enjoying cycling for leisure or community- Leisure and Compete.

Leisure plan: It provides cover for bicycles used for day to day leisure and road based time trials.

Compete plan: It provides cover for bicycles used for racing and competitions for semi professional cyclists.

There are many ways to safely secure your bicycle but without bicycle insurance these other safety will not always prove to be the perfect one; therefore taking bicycle insurance for your bicycle is an important as well as beneficial additional step. Finding the right bicycle insurance can be a very difficult process some time. But nowadays there are many insurance companies available that give the best bicycle insurance cover. Each insurance company provides different types of insurance cover for your bicycle. Try to select a policy that includes maximum risk cover for your bicycle.

Life Insurance Specialists with Free Gifts

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Help find classic car insurance in the UK

One can’t help but to stop and take a closer look once he sees a classic or vintage car on the road. Classic cars are usually admired for their unique style and beauty. They are usually best cared for and properly maintained to preserve their market value.

It is important that you insure your vintage cars with classic car insurance instead of the standard car insurance to avail of the plan that is seemingly fitted to your needs. In most cases, the insurance premiums of a classic insurance is much lesser compare to a standard insurance basically because they are older, best taken care of and cover minimal miles; thus lesser risk for accidents.

Before we get into the juicy bits, classic insurers are a dime a dozen, if you live in the United Kingdom then you need cheap classic car insurance uk you can’t beat their prices.

Criteria for Classic Cars

If your car is less than 15 years old, it is classified as exotic car. Cars ageing from 15-19 years old are categorized as collectibles; while those which are 20-24 years old are considered classic cars. Antique cars are those ageing from 25 years and above. Cars that are manufactured from 1949 to present are known as custom cars while those exist before 1949 are known as street rods.

Limitations for Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance is pretty much cheaper because of the following limitations the car owner should observe.

Basic Considerations when Opting for Classic Car Insurance

Here are some of the basic considerations you need to look at when planning to buy classic car insurance.

Excluding your Classic Car from your Car Insurance Policy

It maybe a common practice to include your classic car in your existing car insurance policy. But doing so may be costly and unfair on your part. Your car will not be able to take possible advantages unlike when covered with classic car insurance.

To conclude, you have to find the right company that recognizes the importance of classic cars. They should understand their significance just the way you do.


Tips for older people:


Whether you own a classic Mustang or a Chevy, you want to protect your investment with the right classic car insurance. Of course, if you own an antique car, you want to be even surer about insurance. Sometimes this insurance comes at a very high price but there are ways to lower insurance rates that few seniors consider. Here are the lesser known tips to get affordable classic car insurance for seniors.

1. AARP:

winningThere are many insurance companies that specialize in collector car insurance. Each company varies in how they calculate their premiums so it is important to do a lot of research and gather many classic car insurance quotes before buying. Groups like the AARP strive to provide discounts on everything, even car insurance for seniors or retired people of age 50 or over.

According to the AARP, classic cars and antique cars are defined differently. Classic cars are a minimum of 10 years old while antique cars are a minimum of 25 years old and are rarely driven (auto shows, rallies, etc.)

Since the definitions are different, insurance for classic and antique cars also differs. In general, there are 3 basic ways to insure a collector car-for Actual Cash value, Stated amount and Agreed value.

Actual Cash Value:

The first (Actual Cash Value) does not apply to most collector cars, or rather it is a poor choice for a collector car because in the event it is totaled, you will receive only the actual depreciated old car price of the car which is very low compared to what it is worth.

Stated Amount:

Stated amount is better than Actual Cash value. If you have Stated amount coverage and the car is totaled, you will receive the amount you and The Hartford (since the AARP is supplied insurance by The Hartford) state is the maximum value of the car. This kind of coverage is offered in some states by the AARP at an affordable price for classic cars or antique cars.

Agreed Value:

The last and the best kind of coverage you can have is Agreed value coverage in which, in the event of an accident, you can get the actual worth of the car as determined by a recent certified appraisal. It is called agreed value because the policyholder (you) and the insurance company (The Hartford) agree upon it. This kind of insurance is available through membership with the AARP in certain states for antique cars.

The reason the AARP is able to get cheaper rates on all kinds of car insurance from The Hartford is because The Hartford can offer group rates to the AARP’s many members. You can get full coverage (comprehensive, collision and liability) for your antique car. Most states require comprehensive and collision for antique cars.

2. Other Discounts for Seniors:

Seniors especially do not use their classic or antique cars a whole lot. Most Insurance companies offer lower rates if you show lower miles. You can get a good driver discount if you hold a relatively clean driving record and take a safe driver refresher course offered by your insurance company like the one at the AARP.

When you have a car that you have invested a lot of time or money in, you want to make sure it is always in safe hands if an accident were to occur. Even as you deal with the natural wear and tear of a car only an insurance company that understands your cars special needs can step in and return your classic to its original value. So continue doing good research to find the antique auto insurance that is the best fit for you and we hope this article has been helpful.